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ArtRambla Project: A Statue Interviewed  |  April - June, 2006

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ArtRambla PPT Presentation

View ArtRambla PowerPoint presentation: Selected photos and interviews taken in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, April 2006 (MS PowerPoint)


•   20-25 interviews with living statues in Las  Ramblas, Barcelona

•   60-70 photographs

•   exhibition of prints

•   gallery in www

•   book publication


art rambla is conceptual art project based on a foreigner's impressions - true and false - at Las Ramblas. It focuses on the living statues (estatuas vivas) in La Rambla, and my main material is photographs and video interviews with them.   As the concept of an interview with a statue is rather absurd and provoking, the interviews are not being used in a usual way, but are a part of artistic concept.  

Part of ArtRambla photographs taken in Barcelona in April 2006 are organized in PowerPoint presentation and can be viewed here:  

>Play PPT presentation

The project consists of two parts:

       1) exhibitions in the galleries of hand-painted prints from photographs + video and sound material based on interviews - true and false. Exhibitions will be held in Moscow, Amsterdam and  in Barcelona. 

       2) publication of an art book with photo prints + texts.

The whole project will be devoted to the perception of colourful Barcelona life, and, generally, perception of reality by an individual. 

I intend to make this project to emphasize the unique charm of Barcelona, and make a contribution to cultural relations between barcelonians and visitors - Russians and other nations.




















ArtRambla draft book cover



alexander kaffka (b. 1966) is artist and media expert living in Moscow. Since 2001 Alexander was involved in publishing, when he founded «Avenue», an independent arts magazine. «Avenue» partnered with 50 world’s art centers including Tate Gallery in London, Centre Pompidou in Paris, CCCB in Barcelona, Guggenheim Museum in New York. Alexander is visual artist, photographer, author of articles, photo and video reports on arts life for international magazines such as «Wallpaper*», and web media such as «CultureTV».  He is author of MANAGEX, an art project also focusing on living statues, with humans as exhibits. For more information check


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the author is grateful to the Embassy of Spain in Moscow and Instituto de Turismo de España (TURESPANA) for support to the project.




 (c) ArtRambla, A. Kaffka, 2006